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Yes! I want to enroll in the Impact Boot Camp 2015...



Yes! I want to enroll in the Impact Boot Camp 2015...

What Is Impact Bootcamp?

Ok … Here is your chance to make that “CHANGE” you have been talking about for months. We have all been there and cooked up a million excuses as to why we can’t workout. The house is dirty, the family needs me, I work 50+ hours a week, I need “me” time. If you are looking for an excuse you will find one, but none of them will ever be good enough.

The Impact Bootcamp is a great way to get fit while having fun in a supportive atmosphere.  Being surrounded by like minded and motivated people makes all the difference in staying consistent with training.  By using our training program you can get the lean toned body that you deserve.  And… When you’ve completed our program you can expect the confidence to try new challenges like weight training, run your first race, mud run, or even CrossFit!

We’ve trained everyone from senior citizens to distance runners to elite athletes. Boot Camp is for individuals who are committed to changing their life in a positive supportive atmosphere.

“It was intimidating initially starting the program, but then I found it to be more encouraging than discouraging,” she says. “I think that if a person is open and willing to work and listen, that’s the key.” Feeling comfortable within her environment has really allowed Blanch to flourish, increasing her fitness level and achieving positive results, including more muscle and more energy. “Because of the new muscle mass, some of my clothes don’t fit the same way, which is actually a good thing,” she says, “It’s been a positive experience all the way around.”

Blanche Hurt

What Can You Expect?

  • In just 45 minutes get Fun, Fast, and Results Driven Workouts. Don't waste your time at the gym!
  • Convenient location close to your work or home! It's just a short trip for a better body!.
  • All Inclusive Training Program! Professional coaching, energizing community, nutritional guidance, and the accountability to see real results!
  • Get Access to the Impact Boot Camp VIP Facebook Group Access & Support
  • …and so much more!

Yes! I want to enroll in the Impact Boot Camp 2015...

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Have A Question…?

  • q-iconWhat is the cost (investment in myself)?

    Six-week boot camp has a registration of $247. That’s 12 hours of instruction for $16.67 per hour. Where else can you get premiere, cutting edge fitness and nutritional coaching for this incredible price! Additionally, those who sign up before Friday 11:59PM January 9th, 2014 will receive a $50 Discount.

    Space is limited!

  • q-iconWhat if I don’t have $249 a month?

    We bet the people that you train every week would be more than happy to know that you’re investing to grow as a coach…they listen to you every week. Your health and fitness are good investments, not just an expense. Statistics show that people that workout regularly live a happier and more fulfilled life. So, if a $249 investment helps you live a more successful and healthier life  you’re likely to reach any life goal you put your mind towards.

  • q-iconWill I get Results?

    The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if worked, will lead to results. We have seen programming get better in hundreds of clients that have gone through the program – just check out the stories all over this page of real clients just like YOU. Clients of all shapes & sizes – young, old, small & large – are using the Impact Boot Camp  to find success. We help people just like you all the time!

  • q-iconWhat if I am not physically fit?

    NO ONE will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Women & men of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. We are here to support you and to ensure that everyone feels they are a part of the team. We meet you where you are and go from there!

  • q-iconWhat types of exercises are included in the program?

    Exercises include: calisthenics, short distance rowing, body weight resistance training, weight training, jump roping, crunches, agility and power drills, sports drills, medicine ball work, stair climbing, partner drills, surprises and much more. Where else can you have this much fun?

  • q-iconWhy should I participate?

    Along with achieving dramatic physical improvements, you will also meet great women [or men] who share your same passion for attaining a healthy body and mind. You’ll gain more energy, self-confidence & clarity.

  • q-iconWhat is the sign-up process?

    Just click the Add to Cart button and fill out the order form on the next page. After completing the registration form all you need to do is show up! It’s that easy.

  • q-iconWhere is the Impact Boot Camp located?

    We hold class at 7:30PM sharp at:

    CrossFit Impact
    1882 Johns Drive
    Glenview, IL 60025
  • q-iconWhat if I have other questions?

    You can always call us at (847) 834-9407 or email us at and we will be more than happy to answer any additional questions.

    What are you waiting for????  Go for it – enlist today!!!

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Yes! I want to enroll in the Impact Boot Camp 2015...